Upcoming Shows

  • Mar. 02
    The Field
    San Diego, CA
  • Mar. 03
    Fullerton, CA
  • Mar. 04
    Lestat's West
    San Diego, CA
  • Mar. 07
    Tribute to Lucinda Williams
    Morro Bay, CA


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There is lots going on for Girls & Boys! We have been working on new material, a new live setup to add to the mix, and setting up our new studio!! We have been playing all over California and are enjoying life on the road and this new chapter for us and our music.

Recently we have been collaborating with some other artists on some of our gigs. This has been fun and rewarding for us and our fans! We are also working on material for our second album and there is talks of recording some acoustic songs. While you may not have heard from or seen us for awhile I can tell you that we have been hard at work behind the scenes with Brianna and I making this our full time job. Things are looking great for the rest of this year and 2013 is going to be by far our best year yet!!

Thanks for going on this journey with us and we hope to see you all soon!


"Home is where I want to be, but I guess I'm already there." -Talking Heads

To the good people of the Girls & Boys Newsletter,

Home is everywhere! Our West Coast Tour is officially under way! With Josh and Brianna soloing (or duoing) it up and down Cali, we've got our first dates booked from San Luis Obispo to Sonoma and will only reach further in all directions. May we say, we feel so much gratitude for your recognition and support of our efforts. Your encouragement along this path has made and continues to make all the difference! As always, Girls & Boys has some new and exciting news to share with you and much in store for the future. Read on, girls and boys...

-News Update-

WE DID IT! And with your help! Girls & Boys are the proud recipients of this years North Bay Bohemian Music Award for Best Indie Artist! What an honor. We really couldn't keep from pinching ourselves through the whole process, and now, with a gold record under our arm we march on to the next juncture knowing how much support we really, truly have. It means the world.
Thank you, everyone!! 

In other big announcements, "The End" the first track off our debut album The Feel of the Sun, recently aired on Episode 7 (entitled "Dream Come True") of Showtime's reality TV-series The Real L Word! You can check it out here: http://www.sho.com/sho/the-real-l-word/season/3/episode/7#/index

We have a date at the San Francisco's legendary Fillmore coming up! If you haven't checked out the line-up, we are starting off the night in the famous Poster Room, sharing a bill with the rising Swedish sister duo, First Aid Kit. If you haven't heard them, treat your ears to some tastiness http://www.facebook.com/firstaidkitofficial and after that get your tickets for the show on October 17th here: http://www.livenation.com/event/1C0048A1E96B61B8?artistid=1409163&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1

Still to come is the major motion picture, Divorce Invitationhttp://www.shorelineentertainment.com/movies/DivorceInvitation.html featuring four more of our original tunes, set for release in the very near future. So keep on keeping your eyes and ears open!

We'll keep you posted and updated as we go along, (and you'll find our show dates below) but for more regular and accurate updates on what Girls & Boys are up to you can...

visit us: girlsandboysmusic.com

check us out on facebook:  http://listn.to/GirlsBoys  (and like us if you like!) 

follow us on twitter: twitter.com/girlsandboys00

and Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/girlsandboysmusic-1/sets/the

-Upcoming Shows- 

Sep. 11th  6 pm  Park Chalet (Golden Gate Park) San Francisco, CA

Sep. 16th  3pm   Lake Chalet                               Oakland, CA

Sep. 16th  9 pm  Toad in the Hole Pub                Santa Rosa, CA

Sep. 18th  8 pm  Sweet Springs Saloon              San Luis Obispo, CA

Sep. 21st  6 pm  Hard Rock Cafe                        San Francisco, CA

Sep. 23rd 1:40pm Sculpterra Winery                   Paso Robles, CA

Sep. 29th 12:30pm Marin Country Mart Courtyard Larkspur, CA

Sep. 29th  9 pm  Hopmonk Sonoma                     Sonoma, CA

Sep. 30th  9 pm  Toad in the Hole Pub                 Santa Rosa, CA

Oct.  5th    9 pm  Hopmonk                                   Sebastopol, CA                Pat Jordan Band    

Oct. 6th     9 pm The Fuel Dock                            Morro Bay, CA

Oct. 9th     6 pm Park Chalet (Golden Gate Park) San Francisco, CA

Oct. 13th  11:00am Marin Country Mart(Farmers Mkt) Larkspur, CA

Oct. 13th   8 pm  Bazaar Cafe                              San Francisco, CA

Oct. 17th   7 pm  The Fillmore (Poster Room)      San Francisco, CA            First Aid Kit

Oct. 20th   noon  Dover Winery - Harvest Festival Paso Robles, CA

Oct. 21      9 pm  Toad in the Hole Pub                 Santa Rosa, CA

Nov. 4th    9 pm  Toad in the Hole Pub                 Santa Rosa, CA

Nov. 9th    8 pm  Steynberg Gallery                      San Luis Obispo, CA         Jody Mulgrew

Nov. 16th  6 pm  Garagiste                                   Healdsburg, CA

Nov. 18th  9 pm  Toad in the Hole                        Santa Rosa, CA

We are currently playing every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at Toad in the Hole Pub in Santa Rosa

Take care Girls & Boys!

Til' next time


It has been a busy couple of months for Girls & Boys! We have been playing lots of gigs and moved to a new area! Well sort of. We moved all of our stuff into a storage unit and are staying with friends and family while traveling and playing music! We are excited about the journey and are focusing on our music. We have been putting miles on the car faster than I can count and playing all over california.

In other recent news our song "The End" was featured on Showtimes reality series The Real L Word last week! We were glad to hear of this news and had fun hearing our song on TV! 

We are currently working on new material and playing as many gigs as possible! Check out our upcoming gigs as there are lots of chances to see us soon! - check ya later


We are happy to be the the recipients of this years "Best Indie Band" in the North Bay Music Awards!! We appreciate all of your support and we love playing music in the bay area! It means a lot to have our fans vote for us and believe in us! YOU ROCK! We also had the distinct pleasure to play the legendary Fillmore Poster Room the same week as winning the award!! It has been a great summer for us and we are on the move. Lots of gigs are booked and we are planning a tour before the end of the year as well. Things are happening fast for Girls & Boys so check back soon, and check back often!


Hello to all,

"Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Make you wanna move.. your dancing feet." - Bob Marley


Hope this sunny start to summer has you all smiling and shining! We are still on the move and want to keep in touch with all of you fabulous people we have met along the way! The Girls & Boys family is growing and we thank you for being a part of it! We look forward to seeing you all very soon. Here are some new and exciting things coming up. Read on..


- News Update -

We are happy and proud to announce the news that our little band has been selected as one of the finalists in this years North Bay Bohemian Music Awards! Girls & Boys is one of the bands up for Artist of the Year under the Indie Category. We are so flattered and excited to be included in these proceedings and would love your support in helping us win! It's so simple and literally only takes minutes at most. You can follow this link http://posting.bohemian.com/northbay/Survey?survey=2295166 to mark Girls and Boys under the Indie category as well as all of your other favorite picks! 


In more exciting news, we've landed a gig at the world-famous Fillmore in San Francisco, playing in the Poster Room, to share a bill with the incomparable First Aid Kit http://thisisfirstaidkit.com/ . This fresh and lovely duo out of Switzerland has been a newfound favorite of ours, and we're sure this match was nothing short of serendipitous. Don't miss this night everyone, it's going to be an awesome show! Tickets available here: http://boxofficeticketsales.com/venue/the_fillmore_-_san_francisco-tickets-for-sale.aspx?gclid=CML_yI3G8LACFcsZQgodfFRDvA


Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for the upcoming Hollywood film Divorce Invitation,(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2006721/) featuring four of our very own songs ("Scratch and Scream", "Splinter in My Heart", and "Stranger" off of our debut album The Feel of the Sun as well as "Do You Want Me", unreleased), in theaters near you soon!


check us out on facebook:  http://listn.to/GirlsBoys  (and like us if you like!) 

follow us on twitter: twitter.com/girlsandboys00

and Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/girlsandboysmusic-1/sets/the

  July 11    5 p.m.        DEADLINE for The North Bay Music Awards! 


     Vote Here under the Indie category  


We are currently playing every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at Toad in the Hole Pub in Santa Rosa


We are still in the midst of planning our tour of the West Coast, slowly but surely, so keep an eye out! ;)

Much love Girls and Boys,

 G + B  


We are excited to announce that we are one of the finalists for best indie band in the North Bay Music Awards! Thanks to all our fans for your support and love. It is voting that determines the winner. So if you would like to vote for us in the indie category it only takes a minute. http://posting.bohemian.com/northbay/Survey?survey=2295166

Yesterday was full of surprises! Not only did we find out about our nomination for the North Bay Music Awards but we were also contacted by Showtime to possibly have some of our songs placed in the reality series "The Real L Word". This is another great opportunity that has presented itself to us. We are grateful and working hard to be as productive as possible!


We are excited to announce that we will be playing the Fillmore! We will be playing upstairs in the Poster Room the same night as one of our new favorite bands, "First Aid Kit".  This is a great opportunity and if all goes well we could be asked back to open for a band on the main stage! Our friend and SF booking agent KC Turner has been getting us great gigs around the bay area. Landing four of our songs in the upcoming hollywood feature film "Divorce Invitation", due out this summer, helped us establish the business side of our band. We are now doing business as Girls & Boys Music.  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2006721/  

Things are moving forward at a healthy pace and growing stronger everyday. Brianna has quit her day job and we are now both full-time musicians. This has already seen great results with lots of new songs and time to practice together. We have been busy and loving it!


It has been a busy couple of weeks for Girls & Boys! Lots of gigs and working on new material at home. We are planning lots of fun stuff for the summer! We are heading to Portland in July and have been working on some gigs in Southern California as well. Hope to see you all soon!


Things are moving forward for us!! We are excited about our future goals of touring, recording, and taking our band to the next level. We hope to see you all soon. Check ya later


We have been hard at work! We are currently writing songs and booking gigs for the summer. There is lots to do. We placed four songs in the movie "Divorce Invitation" that is heading to Cannes Film Festival next month!! We are excited about this opportunity and are doing everything we can to ride the wave. Look for us at our upcoming gigs this summer and stay tuned for more good news!