Online slot machines

New Type of Slots

Slot machines were invented at the end of the 19th century and quickly became one of the favorite games for many people. That time they were mechanic and had only 3 reels and 1 pay line. Nowadays slots are fully computerized and controlled by random number generator. There are a lot of slot types such as classic slots, progressive, bonus, penny machines.

But, like with everything that is in our globe, online slots have its own lifetime, most probably – the time of classic slot popularity slowly comes to an end. But new video slots, in contrast, increase in popularity at the expense of improving the graphics and gaming experience. Industry develops constantly and offer new versions of these games. Some of them we describe below.

• AWP (Amusement with Prizes) – these machines come from the UK, where they are very popular in bars and are called “amusements with prizes”. At the core of the game is a classic slot that has one pay line, but at the same time, a player can receive additional bonus game, which can get a great variety of different prizes, limited in size by small values, comparable in size with a minimum amount of winning in the main slot.

• I-Slots – interactive slots. This version of slots is offered at the moment only in the online casinos powered by Rival software. At the core of games are video slots, but in the bonus round outcome is largely dependent on the skill of the player and less – by chance. Sometimes this kind of game has in itself several games in definite sequence and different in appearance. It is fun that a player can relax, watching small cartoons while playing the game.

• Special – this category include slots that are unusual, and which nature is difficult to determine. Here we can find slots with non-standard playing fields, which in principle resemble Tetris game with a progressive set of winning combinations and the slots that are very similar to multiline video poker, when first single-line slot spin, then you will be given the right to hold any of the three reels in while others are spinning on 3-10 pay lines. There are also “cubes” – slots 3 x 3, where the cells are filled in random order, and as a rule there are 8 pay lines (three horizontal and vertical, two diagonals).